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About Dr. Luis Peña:

Dr. Luis Peña’s mission is to deliver patient-centered care through compassion and dedication. With a deep passion for medical practice, Dr. Luis Peña continually seeks opportunities and solutions to enhance the patient experience.


Guided by kindness, he firmly believes in the healing power of support and ensuring patients never feel alone on their journey to recovery.


His professional career was profoundly influenced by a pivotal experience in 1999 during his social service in a war zone in Colombia. Despite challenging circumstances and limited resources, the persistent commitment to saving lives left a lasting impact, shaping Dr. Peña’s perspective and driving his unwavering dedication to patient care.

Our purpose:

At LungMD.com, we are dedicated to being a patient-centered resource and pulmonary medicine practice, led by Dr. Luis Javier Peña Hernandez. Our aim is to offer accessible and proficient options for patients in both English and Spanish.


Dr. Peña Hernandez is available for virtual consultations as well as in-person appointments at his office situated in Palm Beach County.

He specializes in treating pulmonary system diseases and sleep disorders, ensuring comprehensive care for his patients.

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